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When you need it Done Right

At Kroger Irrigation it’s not a question of whether the installation is good enough; the question is, “Is it RIGHT?” We take pride in the work that we do and it is because of our dedication to “getting it right” that we offer a 5 year warranty on all material


Your address is not just another job site for us. It’s your home and we take care to treat it that way. We attend to all of the little things like downspouts and flowers and that adds up to make a big difference. This attention begins with our first meeting and it just keeps going from there. Of course, we clean up after ourselves, but there’s so much more! Give us a call to see for yourself.


We believe that there are certain standards in sprinkler design and installation quality. There are standards for how customers are to be treated and how business should be conducted. For your protection, we are fully insured. For the benefit of your lawn and landscape and our reputation, we employ courteous, capable, and meticulously trained individuals that you will enjoy working with. We are confident that you too will see the benefits of working with a truly professional sprinkler company like Kroger Irrigation.

Trenchless Installation

We have invested in top-of-the-line installation equipment that allows us to install the pipe for your sprinkler system quickly and with very little disturbance to your yard. We can safely bore under sidewalks and driveways, which allows us maximum flexibility in designing your sprinkler system. We design and install your sprinkler system based on how it will best operate, not based on ease of installation.


Kroger Irrigation is committed to staying abreast not only of sprinkler product innovations, but also of changes in sprinkler system design philosophy, installation techniques, and programmed watering schedules. At Kroger Irrigation, we install proven, intelligently engineered products that eliminate the most common causes of leaks and other failures. We use techniques that speed up the installation process, minimize the disturbance to your property and ensure a long life for your sprinkler system. The result is a lush lawn and landscape, thanks to a sprinkler system that operates at peak efficiency, well beyond the limits of your warranty.